domenica 10 luglio 2016

Birkirkara Highlights 
Birkirkara is the most popoulous city of the island of Malta. It has a popolation of 22247 people and it is one of the most important city of the country. This morning we have visited Birkinkara to watch the city’s highlights. At first we have visited the amazing St.Helen’s Basilica that is a Roman cattolic church .It was built to replace the older church named Santa Maria.This beautiful church is recognized all over the world for the second biggest bell tower of the world. We have visited also the Eddie Fenech Adami’s house. He has been the First Minister of Malta from 1987 until   1996. He has been also the seventh president of this country, Malta. Mr. Adami was recommented for Malta accession to the European Union. We have seen the church of Santa Maria called also Assumption and the Dr Hermann’s house, that was been an important man for this country. We have walked by Valley road that is the most important road if you want to do shopping in Birkirkara. For the last we have visited the old railway Birkinkara station. That in the past connected two city, Valletta and Medina. Now instead of them there is a beautiful park. The concil of Birkinkara it’s going to restracture that to make it the best Birkirkara garden.

Birkirkara & Maltese Food Culture
In the morning we have learn somethings also about Maltese food and Culture.The most important drink that Malta’s peolpe love is the ‘Kinnie’. This drink was first developed in 1952.Regarding food people in Birkinkara have a tradition of ‘Pastizzi’that are a savouty pastry.The Pastizzi usually are formed by cheese, peas, ricotta and chicken. Another traditional food in Birkirkara is the rubbit.

Birkirkara and remains of British Culture
In the past Birkirkara has been an English colony and this fact has marked ever this city. While we were visted the city we have watched a lot of remain of British Culture. One of the most important remains are the British balcony. Another remain is the drive style that is like in England with the driver on the left. An important remain in the bilingualism. Malta’s people says to talk two languages, English and Maltese. The last remain that English have imported are the English boots phone. 

Articolo scritto dai partecipanti Rocco e Valeria - Partecipanti Progetto JOTIC (I.T.S.E.T. Tannoia Corato).

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