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The Gardens of Malta: the green heart of the island

Argotti Gardens

Argotti Gardens is also called Floriana Gardens because of where the city is located. This is made of some botanical gardens. The first garden dates back to 1774. Floriana is situated near to the capital of Malta, Valletta. Nowadays a small part of the area is used by the University of Malta for educational purposes.

Mall & St.Philip Gardens

Today the Mall is a playground established by GM Jean Paul Gastellian in 1656. It became a public garden in 1805 by Alexander Ball. The Mall features ponds, flower beds, Trees and several monuments located in this beautiful garden. This has also been transformed for the commemoration of some Maltese.

Hastings & Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta

These are Valletta’s most famous gardens. The gardens boast some of the most panoramic views of the Grand Harbour. The gardens are also known for some remarkable works of art, including a particularly charming bronze named Les Gavroches by the Nobel Maltese Sculptor Antonio Sciortino.

Articolo scritto dai partecipanti Giovanni e Giuseppe - Partecipanti Progetto JOTIC (I.T.S.E.T. Tannoia Corato).

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