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Sliema & Shopping in Malta 

A briefing about Sliema
Sliema is a town in Malta ,on a penisula. All the Sliema coastline is Malta’s main coastal resort and is ringed with modern apartment blocks. In this place of Malta one may use the boat transportation from Sliema to Valletta.
Apart from this transportation one may also find Criuses popular for tourists, like, Comino , Harbour criuse and so many others. Another particularity is that there are a lots of shops where tourists can make their business and relax with the various shops. If you want to relax or taste somethings,you can go to French Affaires bar, the most famous bar of Sliema.

Tignè Point:the new shopping mail of Malta
Opening on Tignè Square , the  Tignè Point is  one of the Malta’s largest retail centre to shopping for tourist. In the past this place was used as barracks for the soldiers. Nowadays this area is full of shops, and the tourist are attracted from the various kinds of products sold here.To get  to this area we can use public transport, then we have to across a bridge. The Tignè Point is composed of 4 floors and each floor is full of various shops.

Shopping best products
In Tignè Point you can find a big variety of products. Principally there are a lots of retail outlets. Moreover you can relax yourself with the different cooffe points, where you can taste some typically products. A lot of famous brands are open in this great and large centre. In fact we can find the two most famous sports clothes shops, Adidas and Nike. Another sector really common is the jewellery shops, with brands like Pandora, Liu Jo and other many know brands.

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