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Smart city: Malta & New Smart Skills for a New Future

Malta vs Hollywood

eGaming Companies, a new business arising with new investments

SmartCity is a technology park under development in Kalkara, Malta.
The project is to transform the Ricasoli Industrial Estate into an information technology and media that is similar to Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

Smart City & remains of British colonization

Fort Rinella is a strong British coastal dating back to the 19th century, built to house the largest muzzle loading cannon that is still exists in the world - the Cannon Armstrong developed and manufactured by firing a bullet of a tonne to an 8 mile and as a defense against naval invasions.
The cannon Armstrong was used by the British in retaliation to the Italian Navy that was sending the ships Duilio war and Dandolo.
After some years it was restored and it is currently open to the public as a museum where the military past life is recreated with regular animated demonstrations and live historical reconstructions.

Smart City & Movie shot

From the cinematic point of view, Malta is a very attractive destination for American directors having beautiful natural landscapes, Architectural beauty and a Mediterranean atmosphere.
The most famous movies filmed in Malta are:
• Gladiator with the background of the fortifications of Fort Ricasoli and Vittoriosa.
• Troy having Brad Pit as the main actor, shot in Blue Lagoon, Comino, Golden Bay, Fort Ricasoli and Mellieha.
• The Count of Monte Cristo, by the famous novel of Alexander Dumas, partly shot in Mdina.
• Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia, the fourth episode of the funny adventures of Asterix and Obelix have been set and produced in Malta.

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